Victor Hugo

one of the most distinguished French writers, was born February 26th, 1802, at Besancon, where his father was then commandant of the garrison. He early acquired distinction by his poetic effusions, and before he was thirty years of age, his published works were numerous, and his name famous. Odes and ballads, romances, dramas, etc., flowed from his prolific pen. Shortly before the revolution of 1830, a literary revolution took place, at the head of which was Hugo. A band of young men, imaginative, ardent, and confident, sought to renovate French literature by departing from classic rules and models, substituting a varied and very irregular verse for the monotonous Alexandrines of the old school. The new school, "la jeune France," as they called themselves, formed the Romanticists, and their opponents the Classicists. The literary war which arose lasted for several years.